Unexpected Resumption of Proceedings

(Since this post is written in the first person, it’s worth noting up front that the author is Jesse Alford.)

This blog has been offline, at least on this address, for the better part of six months. I was going to transition to another stack*, because the way I wrote posts (Editorially) went away, and I didn’t enjoy any of the replacements. I let the domain mapping feature on wordpress.com expire. I transitioned to a better registrar. I exported the archive and learned how to transition it. I needed maybe four hours to figure it all out.

I don’t have four hours right now. I have a lightning talk in four hours, and will be in conference sessions until then. So.

I renewed my domain mapping and pointed my domain here. I figured out I can write in markdown and export to HTML with Mou, so I won’t have to compromise and compose in the wordpress interface, without even version control, like an animal.

I’ve been away from the online community for a couple of – wow, a couple of years now. I have been testing software, and developing software at Pivotal. I have been figuring things out, learning how much I didn’t know, becoming so embarrassed by my ignorance that I could no longer speak. I have been getting ready.

I’m at CAST 2015 right now, and I’m ready to start writing on this stuff a lot more. I’ve improved the quality of my ignorance enough to become articulate again. So I need this thing working, now, so I have a platform to articulate across.

I’ll see if the co-authors this blog originally described – or, indeed, new co-authors – want to join me in this, but for now, it’s just me, Jesse Alford. And, shock! I have things to say.

A prose version of this year’s CAST lightning talk (on the topic of testers pairing productively with programmers on feature-programming work) will be forthcoming, as well as a post around my longer-form session tomorrow.

Points Of Articulation

  • I am still going to make the transition to markdown/jekyll on Pivotal Web Services, probably. But I have a workaround for now, and now is when the site needs to be up.
  • It is really ironic how much more easily I articulated principles before having to grapple with practice. So clean, so pure! The principles can be articulated with experience, too, it’s just… harder. Abstract systems of belief are much easier to communicate with either no experience, or with enough experience. For a year, I had the wrong amount of experience. I think I might have just enough, now.

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